Friday, October 2, 2009

Fried "Chicken" and Pasta...

I made two recipes the other day from other blogs.
First is the Chicken Fried Seitan from The Voracious Vegan!
Let's just say that she nailed it on this recipe. My husband liked it as did my four year old son.
I will definitely make this recipe again, except my seitan came out a little doughy. I like my seitan to be a little tougher. It could be my technique though. I think that this will be good for a smothered "chicken" recipe that I will make soon. This one is a keeper for sure!
Along with that I made Hurry Up Alfredo from VeganYumYum.
I am not too sure about this one. I followed the recipe to the letter but my sauce did not come out looking anything like the sauce on the picture. The taste is ok. The family liked it. I did too but I wanted a more authentic looking and tasting alfredo. Others had the same issue as well, it seems. I will probably cut back on the tamari/soy sauce and see how that works out because I definitely want to give this recipe a chance.